HOWE – The Howe School Board approved a resolution for the publication of annual election of school district electors, the financial statement for this year’s school year and the preliminary estimate of needs for the school year ending June 30, 2022.

The Board approved encumbrances from the general fund for P.O. #s 131-205, payroll #s 70115-70132. The building fund did not have an encumbrance.

The Board also approved the superintendent’s financial report from Scott Parks for the general fund, building fund, building bond fund, the scholarship fund and the activity fund.

Michael Culwell from the Kiamichi Technology Center gave a report.

The fund raisers and activity fund sub-accounts were also given approval.

The continued selection of the ACT for the 11th grade spring assessment was approved.

The Board approved as surplus items were HVAD equipment, weight equipment a baseball sign, two school buses and cafeteria tables.

The Board discussed the positives and negatives on e-sports

Justin Toney was approved as extra duty staff for coaches along with Jordan Thompson.

The only resignation was by Paula Decker. A new HVAC system was discussed, but not sure when funding will be available,

The annual dropout report and college remediation rates presented by the superintendent was tabled.

Howard Sims helped with the presentation of this report.

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