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On Oct. 6, 2016 the Heavener Ledger published the all-time Heavener Wolves’ football team as voted on by coaches, players and fans of the Wolves.

First-team offense

Quarterback—Jerry Johnston

Running backs—James Graham and Blake Smittle

Wide receivers—Kyle Parker and Matt Casper

Tight end—Josh Wiles

Offensive linemen—Jack Davis, Darren Harvell, Lane Carter, Rusty Harvell and Quinton McGee.

Kicker—Luis Lopez

First-team defense

Linebackers—John “Goose” Tatum, Eric Dehart and Brock Hardin.

Linemen—John Titsworth, Ronnie Killions, Curtis Hamner, Dustin Davis and Scotty McGee.

Defensive backs—Zach Duncan, Pete Scott, Brady Hardin and Randy Pickle.

Punter—Michael Rowland

Second-team offense

Quarterback—Jake Hall

Running backs—Michael Rowland and Don Cron

Wide receivers—Jim Davis and Zach Addison

Tight end—Don Frost

Offensive linemen—Scotty McGee, Jackie Andrews, Tim Livesay, Larry Wisdom and Ray Ledford

Kicker—Rodney Cheek.

Second-team defense

Linebackers—Jared Pickle, Lance Yandell and Mike Andrews.

Linemen—Tim Livesay, Justin Page, Jeremy Naylor, Aaron Turner and Curtis Hamner.

Defensive backs—Steven Rowton, Jerry Johnston, Ben Dittrich and Johnny Newcomer.

Punter—Rusty Owen.

Honorable mention


Quarterback—Hal Dowden, Randy Pickle, John Council, Mike Andrews, Ray Dearman, Frank Sykes, Craig Hall, Ben Dittrich, Brent Billings and Adam Dehart

Running backs—John “Goose” Tatum, Angelo T. Bianchi, Clinton Phipps, Bernie Quiambo, Todd Vickers, John Council, Mike Miller, Carlos Rodriguez, Jim Davis, Mickey Wynn, Danny Ray, Bobby Gore, Paul Gore, Ray Gaskin, Jim Gore, David Selph, Bud Westmoreland, Clarence Raines, Roger Webb, Hiram O’Neal, Kester Trent, Blake Hardin, Michael White, Billy Harold Addison and Jeremie Green.

Wide receivers—Cody Terry, Bryan Patterson, Rogelio Serrano, Marvin Meredith, Gary Parks, James Ray, Jim Monk, Jim Davis, Tommy Newcomer, Bob Costner, David Grubbs Sr., Jim Scrivner, Ashton Wright and Marvin Rockman.

Tight end—Zack Roll, Bing Lile, Scott Hairrell, Roy Faulkenberry, Bob Babcock, Ronald Bennett and Ben Lord.

Offensive linemen—Don Huie, Merwyn Davis, Eddie Drury, Haskell Muse, Farrell Duncan, Hugh Duncan, Ceb Scott, Don Wheat, Wayne Kelley, John Thompson, Andy Perdue, Joe Stacy, Dustin Davis, Mike Tarpley, Craig Cheek, Jeff Hurst, Cody Harvell, David Coffee, Ken Ames, John Kelly, John Titsworth, Sam McFarland, Joe David Johnson, John Locke, Lance Miller, Kip Kelly, Buster Sanford, Charles Yandell, M.C. Griffith, Wally Fortner, Bill Glasco, Wilford Bales and Colin Kelly.

Kicker—Jerry West, Roger Sanford, Stanley Stinnett, Colin Kelley, Brett Nichols, James Manley.


Linebackers—Ben Lord, Tooter Huie, Tony Smith, Clinton Phipps, David Selph, Tractor Trent, Justin Frizzell, Danny Ray, Russell Rowland, Jason Muller, Bradley Frizzell, James Graham, Luke McGee, Clinton Phipps, Mike Miller, Homer Jones, Don Lewis, Clarence Raines and Don Cron.

Linemen—Tony Drury, Eddie Freeman, David Selph, Joey Chitwood, Lane Carter, Wilfred Bales, Jack Davis, Eddie Drury, Patch Patton, Don Frost, Duane Mead, Byron Bird, Paul Johnston, Jimmy Wright, Bob Babcock, Kenny Ames, Bill Tiffee, Bryce Tolleson, Dustin Long, Buddy Kelly, Haskell Muse, Jerry Smith and Danny Ray.

Defensive backs—Dillan Stallings, Buster Coggins, Hiram O’Neal, Paul Gore, Mark Sabala, Paul Crouch, Bobby Mellencamp, Mike Hall, Tommy Newcomer, Kester Trent, Stanley Stinnett, Les Younger, Bobby Costner, Mike Ray, Ray Gaskin, Jim Tiffee, John Council, David Grubbs Sr., Bob Costner, Geoff Slusser, Matt Kitchens, Jake Hall, Carter Tate, Denton Mead, Hal Dowden, Ashton Wright, Jimmy Greggory and Frank Sykes.

Punter—Jordan Terry, Bud Westmoreland, Cody Terry, Luis Lopez, Glenn Scott, Ben Diettrich, David Long, Tony Smith and Stanley Stinnett.

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